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Before Pisces season engulfs me entirely, I figured I should try to make at least one blog post before the month is up. This should be pretty easy to do, because all of the content essentially already written. You see, I kind of forgot I started writing some kind of “book” back in 2018. It was supposed to be a resource to help you work intentionally/ritualistically with all 78 cards. Looks like I got 60K words deep and then the whole thing was put on the backburner when my mom got sick. After that, it was Tower after Tower after Tower and well, it's been collecting digital dust ever since.

Maybe one day I will officially publish something, and maybe I won't. But, what I definitely won't do is sit on content that I think could be shared. So, my plan over the course of is to systematically deconstruct those pages and turn them into blog posts, each focusing on a different card and how one could ritually work with its energy. The purpose of these posts will be to provide recommendations and ways of intentionally working with the card in question. So it's not about divination, it's more about using the cards as a point of focus, a talisman or a portal of energy, specific to their imagery and meaning.

Today, we're going to begin with the 6 of Swords. Going in order doesn't make sense to me and the 6 of Swords is the perfect starting point because it was the card I magickally worked with the most in 2019 when my life was entirely crumbling. It deserves this first spot because it gave me so much in a time when I needed hope the most.

Ok, let's get into it. How can we make magick with the 6 of Swords? This one is all about moving on, letting go, cutting cords and having faith that the universe knows what needs to be done, even if we have no clue.

First up…some correspondences to acclimate to the energy of the card.

Number: 6
Element: Air
Keywords: Travel, Journey, Passage, Protection, Safety, Movement, Healing, Transition, Aid, Rescue, Release
Decan: Aquarius, ruled by Mercury, January 30-February 8
Crystals: Aquamarine, Celestite, Angelite
Mantra: I AM transitioning safely
Affirmation: I have faith in the journey ahead and I know I am safe and supported.
Pin the 6 of Swords to your vision board if you want: Safe travels of the body or mind, the courage to move from one to another, the ability to find the safest and calmest route forward, support on your journey.

The Ritual: Moving On With The 6 of Swords

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