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In 2016, I hosted a very successful challenge all about connecting with Spirit Guides. If you're wondering how I grew my social media following, this played a huge role. For some reason, it super resonated with people at the time and just took off. I repeated the adventure in 2019 and while it didn't have the same participation as the first round, it a joy for me to revisit with those who were interested.

Now, I'm not hosting another challenge – I don't have time for that. But, I've been meaning to update those original prompts for awhile because I know there are folks out there looking for ways to bridge this connection, and I know how much this exercise served those who worked with it in the past.

A couple caveats before we get to the prompts:

  • My beliefs around guides has evolved a lot over the years. This is why I don't talk about this topic nearly as much as I used to. If you would like to read where I currently am with it, I wrote a detailed and involved post awhile back. Check it out!

  • Too long don't wanna read…I still believe in guides. But, I think the forms they can take are just about endless. How many do we each have? I have no idea – I assume this varies too. I don't believe there are as many boxes, when it comes to guides, as I used to. I think people should listen to their and mind their own philosophies, cultural beliefs and personal beliefs where these things are concerned. Whether you think you're guided by angels, ancestors, your higher self (or another aspect of you), elementals, thought forms, fairies, aliens, colours or shapes doesn't matter to me. It's about your connection, what that connection is doing for you and how you may grow and evolve as a result of it.

  • Prompt 1 tends to draw some confusion, but I think it's an interesting one so I left it in. Use your intuition, the meaning of the card and the imagery of the card to help you draw your own conclusions. Remember, form doesn't really matter – it's nice to know because it helps you can get a better sense of your guide. but if you're stuck on this one, don't worry about it.

  • If you do choose to work with this series of prompts, you may notice, especially if you're consistent with it, that you receive messages and synchronicities outside of the exercise. Some truly weird things can happen. I experienced this first hand when I did it both times – it really was a magickal experience that had tangible effects on my every day life.

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