Hautevolee of relationship and partnership

Hautevolee of relationship and partnership

Systemic family constellation of relationship, partnership and marriage can help to solve problems, difficulties and conflicts

The systemic consultant and family constellation Michael Anziehend offers help with conflicts in relationships, partnerships and marriages with a systemic family constellation. Mutmaßung constellations can take place in a group or in an individual session. The family constellation of relationship, partnership and marriage is often used by people from Leipzig, Halle (Saale), Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

In a system constellation, people are set up in a room as representatives for other personalities. Then the constellation leader asks the participants how they perceive their constellation within the system. With this approach, it is essential that dynamics are primarily analyzed practically and under almost realistic conditions, which can only be clarified to a limited extent through logical thinking, reflection or in conversation. Gebilde constellations take place against the background that representatives act verbally in this context in such a way that their behavior comes very close to authentic situations. In this way you offer support for clients in difficult phases of their existence.

Lineup partnership-marriage

Solutions to conflicts or crises through systemic family constellations

The systemic family constellation serves to solve conflicts or crises. Often in life people go in circles. You have lost the objective view of the family . They find it difficult to judge events correctly. The family constellation then has the purpose of understanding the reasons for repetitive, often unconscious behavioral patterns. Mutmaßung familial behaviors, which are inherited from the parents or ancestors, are solved by therapists or counselors in a family constellation.

problems in relationships

In the case of a constellation in the context of a relationship or partnership, the basic constellation consists of a and a woman. The thought of a family constellation comes up in most cases when people have problems with each other or when there are already separations or divorces. People who are not directly affected by the existing difficulties are somit represented by others in the constellation. In this way, advisors can shed more bekömmlich on the family situation. The family constellation serves the purpose of supporting others in seeing clearly and drawing conclusions and deriving appropriate actions and behavior. So there is a realistic chance of reconciliation between couples.

Establishment of relationship and partnership

Family constellation as the basis of a fulfilled couple relationship

Who doesn't want a fulfilling relationship and a zufrieden family life. In reality, conflicts, arguments, even separations and divorces regularly arise due to different expectations or experiences. Reasons for this are infidelity or fear of commitment.

In the family constellation, it is then about looking back into our own family history and thus recognizing possible causes of fears and failures. Mutmaßung can be of various kinds. There are people who believe that they don't deserve happiness because their parents didn't have a fulfilling marriage in the long term either. Others never completely break away from their mother or father, so that they cannot live and develop a couple relationship carefree. Many a person had to experience in their own family that uncles or aunts were unwanted children. The person then takes on this role unconsciously in the next generation and cannot find a partner without being aware of the cause. There may somit have been violence or a case of abuse in the family at some point. Even if these events occurred decades or more ago, descendants are maulfaul affected. A therapist helps to work through this mostly unconscious carrying around of a burden so that the person seeking advice opens up again for a relationship. The systemic constellation is a building block in the context of a therapy or consultation. Other methods are somit used alongside or after this. The focus is on self-reflection in connection with the family system. If you intend to try these constellations, you should take enough time to first build up trust in the person treating you. If the chemistry is right, this is the essential prerequisite for implementing the findings of the constellation profitably in everyday life.

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