Family constellation on the phone with Michael Anziehend

Family constellation on the phone

Family constellation on the phone with Michael Anziehend – family constellations and system constellation in the form of a guided constellation on the phone

Michael Anziehend is a systemic-psychological consultant and offers family services over the phone. The system constellation on the phone is possible from anywhere in Germany. In addition to family constellations over the phone, the counselor dann offers on-site one-to-one sessions and events with family constellations.

We all live in relationships – in the family, in partnerships and in the professional sphere. We are there, together with other people, parts of the respective system. In every system there are invisible patterns and connections. In many systems one dann finds entanglements that manifest themselves as problems and conflicts.

Problems and conflicts can be found in the following areas:

  • Physical symptoms, ailments and diseases
  • Marriage, partnership and relationships
  • Family
  • profession, self-employment
  • money and success

A system constellation can make the causes of the problems visible, tangible and perceptible.

In a family constellation on the phone, we work together to find a “good solution” for such entanglements and healing can take place in the system. This affects everyone in the system.

systemic family constellation on the phone

Family constellation on the phone

With special methods of system constellation, a family constellation can be carried out very well on the phone. This kind of family constellation is very touching and effective.

Another advantage of the system constellation on the phone is that you don't have to leave your house or apartment. Thus, the installation can take place in your usual environment. In addition, you save time and money for the outward and return journey.

Guided system and family constellation

As with a guided meditation, you are never alone in the family constellation on the phone. You will be accompanied by Michael the whole time – you will hear that and you will dann be able to feel it.

The breath is an essential key to gaining access to our subconscious. Through guided breathing, the focus of perception goes inward and we have access to our inner images.

In our inner world of images we have access to everything we have seen and experienced consciously and unconsciously. We can see all the images in front of our inner eye. In the system and family constellation, we can integrate and use the method of inner constellation with inner pictures very well. Pictures that are important for the issue often appear and thus give an impulse, because the pictures in our mind's eye are often connected to physical ones.

We are able to visualize people or situations that are useful for family constellations over the phone. In this way we can dann talk to these people, tell them things or come to a good solution through healing sentences.

You will be accompanied by me by phone or erreichbar video during the constellation. So I can support you optimally and you can be completely relaxed.

In addition, I read for you in the morphic field during the constellation and can answer further questions and give you helpful hints.

cost and time

The fee for a family constellation over the phone is Euronen 90.00. You can schedule 1 to 2 hours for this. If it takes a little longer, that's included. So we can work in a relaxed manner.

If you have any questions about family constellations over the phone or if you would like to take advantage of this constellation opportunity, I look forward to hearing from you.

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