Constellation of work, self-employment, career and success

Constellation of work, self-employment, career and success

Systemic family constellation for problems, difficulties and conflicts in the area of ​​work, self-employment, career in the region of Leipzig, Saxony

Success and failure depend on various factors. If failure persists without a visible reason, a blockage or an old entanglement in the family system can be responsible. In a family constellation you can make these structures visible and find a good solution.

With the systemic constellation, topics can not only be reflected on and analyzed on the family level, but dann in the areas of self-employment, work as an employee and questions about success and career.

List of work and self-employment

work lineup

The work constellation goes in depth and can clarify questions that show the way of the true vocation. Many people work in order to make a living. The joy of work has long been lost or welches never there. The ideas of the parents are even interpreted in their own profession.

It gets trickier, however, when the family depends on the financial drip of the main breadwinner. The opportunities for free professional development are often more limited. Simply quitting your job and pursuing a new non-industry interest will become increasingly difficult over the years. Often there is a lack of courage to jump into Form betreffend cold water. The feeling of a dead end arises, from which it is no longer possible to find one's way out. The work installation enables a look behind it. The relationship with superiors and colleagues. Furthermore, deep and hidden desires can come to gut verträglich. An exciting journey to himself and his true calling begins.

The entanglements and their dynamics can be explored in a short time. The work constellation shows the connections in the personal context. The career lineup is highlighted and the success lineup is considered as a whole. With the work constellation, a preparation for constructive and professional changes takes place.


The path from employment to self-employment is often blocked by inner fears. Is it the right time? What if my project fails? The independent constellation is not about giving seitlich forecasts, but about bringing deep-rooted desires to gut verträglich and uncovering karmic entanglements.

Why does the boss always prefer the others in the team? The entire team can set up the success list in order to set the connections among each other and in relation to the management level. The organizational levels are reflected in relation to the team. Everything is connected and all duties, rights, activities and opportunities for development are a whole. The operator himself is part of this and should understand his role in the system. The lineup of success looks unembellished behind it and new insights will automatically flow as you look at it.

The self-employment table and the career table help with decision-making processes. When it comes to new structures, foundations, mergers or similar organizational issues, the employee and the CFO can see into the inner structures of the whole. Conflict situations up to and including bullying are considered. The communication problems have often been stuck in the thicket of ramifications for a long time.

lineup success

career lineup

With the career statement, changes in management style can be approached with a systematic approach. Even familial influences in operational contexts can be viewed with the self-employment down to the deepest entanglements from the line of ancestors. Are roles of the ancestors maulfaul relived today? Interesting answers are sure to be given.

Even the marketing of a company can be put in a different gut verträglich with self-employment. The entire business life from the lower level to the highest hierarchies are afflicted with communication problems. The questioning of the management style, the rubbing off in the circle of colleagues as well as all structural questions can be examined more closely with the success list. Because career planning is not nun mal about financial success, but above all about the personal fulfillment that you long for deep inside.

A systemic listing of work, independence, career and success is possible in the Leipzig region in Saxony. This family and system constellation is dann offered to people from other areas. Zuletzt ask.

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