Our Collective Year 8 — Spiral Sea Tarot

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More practically speaking, a Year 8 is a powerful one and seeks to show us that anything is possible. But, we need to really understand that all action taken will have its consequences, for good or for bad. Yes, the laws of the universe work in this way no matter what year we're in, but in a Year 8, it's said to be that much more palpable. Think: quicker results, bigger reward, more emphasis and extra potential.

Our energy is everything this year, so we must treat it as the valuable resource that it is. Not every task will be worth the effort, and it will take wise discernment to differentiate between things that are productive vs things which waste our time. Ask yourself – what do I want my contributions to be? What kind of influence do I wish to have? Am I working for the highest interest or someone else's agenda? You must be mindful of not only what you do, but why you do it – the intentions at the root of all doing. This will determine the momentum, trajectory and results of what you put out there. The 8 of Wands demonstrates the efficacy of our actions when we treat them as an archer treats their shot. We want to aim straight, release with precision and let that arrow move unimpeded. This year, we must all be skilled archers, aware that every move we make is a shot in some direction – let's ensure we're aiming right!

To borrow from the pop-culture lexicon, Year 8s have a certain “main character” energy. This means that each and every one of us is the star of this show. That's not to say we all need to suddenly become extroverts, but we must understand that everything we do, think or say may be magnified this year – like a giant spotlight effect! Even those who do their work “in private”, need to understand that any action taken impacts the whole.

As we all know, over the last several years the world has shifted in ways that none of us could have ever imagined. It feels like lifetimes of learning and growth packed into a very short period of time. We see it as something of a pressure cooker. The heat is turned way up, things are escalating and the division is as critical as it's ever been. But, why is it this way? may be the year where we finally get some clarity – as individuals and as a collective.

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