2024 Solar and Lunar Eclipses Through the Houses

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Total Solar Eclipse

Eclipses have always been a favorite topic I cover when I'm analyzing a client's astrological chart. A minimum of four eclipses occur each year, two solar eclipses (New Moon) and two lunar eclipses (Full Moon). Sometimes as many as six eclipses take place. Their presence creates intense periods that often start to manifest a few months before the eclipses actually occur.

Eclipses unfold in cycles involving all twelve signs of the zodiac and usually manifest in pairs about two weeks apart. In , the first eclipse pair is a lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25 at 5°07′ at :00 a.m. EDT, and in the opposite sign Aries on April 8, a solar eclipse at 19°24′ at 2:21 p.m. EDT. The remaining 2024 eclipses are the final lunar eclipse on September 17 in Pisces at 25°41′ at 7:34 p.m. EDT, and the final solar eclipse on October 2 in Libra at °04′ at 2:49 p.m. EDT.

Eclipses Through the Zodiac
This article examines possible outcomes or meanings for the eclipses through the houses, using the natural wheel of the zodiac beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. Your natal chart drives the actual houses where these eclipses occur. Natal planets in those houses affect the intensity of the eclipse; the closer to a conjunction, the more powerful the effect.

First House
Solar eclipses that occur in this house tend to make a strong statement about self-esteem and a desire for personal growth. Dealing with setbacks results in a lack of self-confidence that you'll want to shed in order to succeed. Image is important, along with acknowledgment of strengths that you would like to show the world. If they are lacking, you are likely to enroll in seminars or workshops to develop them. This house represents what you show the world. When a solar eclipse falls here, you often land in the spotlight headed toward a promotion, a status change via an engagement or marriage, or notoriety related to a significant accomplishment. A solar eclipse occurs here this year in Aries on April 8, allowing the Sun to warm your spirit and help dreams come true.

If a lunar eclipse were to occur here in 2024 in Aries, you would be motivated to explore your inner desires, develop passion and incentive for your goals, and eliminate a tendency to put off asking questions or taking charge of your life purpose. The solar eclipse will have sign polarity with your seventh house of partners since two Libra eclipses will occur in 2024.

Second House
When a solar eclipse occurs in your second house, the focus is on your financial picture, which includes assets, income, personal possessions, resources, and what you would like to do to increase prosperity and your buying power. It also reflects how you like to spend your money, what you value, and how you feel about saving. If you feel that an important skill is missing from your portfolio, you usually enroll in classes to make sure you are qualified for future advancement.

A lunar eclipse in the second house has you looking at any situations that may contribute to emotional or financial instability, such as difficulty finding work, not enough money to pay bills, too much emphasis on material values, or marrying for fiscal security rather than love. Self-doubt in earning capacity is at the root of the anxiety. The lunar eclipse motivates you to open retirement and savings accounts to build financial security for the future.

Third House
Communication is at the core of the impact a solar eclipse has in your third house. You could have a profession where verbal expression is key, such as teaching, instructing, developing guidelines, or writing. Your mental capacity plays a role in how curious you are to stretch your mind, improve your memory, or educate yourself in numerous disciplines via formal or classes.

Lunar eclipses drive your mental state and how you perceive the world around you. You stretch your intellect via reading, studying languages, using your intuitive mind to solve problems, expanding your imagination, and writing expressive material. You could be an over-talker or a bookworm. You get to the heart of the matter through your feelings. Humor becomes you.

Fourth House
The domestic scene in your home dominates the landscape when a solar eclipse occurs in your fourth house. From the type of home you choose to live in to the people who live with you—family, friends, or roommates—you'll be aware of what needs attention in your household. This might be safety and security, improvements to the interior of the home, the outer facade including landscaping and gardening, and the pride you feel in showcasing your unique residence. Often, a residential move takes place when a fourth house eclipse occurs.

A lunar eclipse in the ruled-by-the-Moon fourth house is sure to involve concerns about family matters, parents, emotional satisfaction, and a home that gives you a feeling of security. When an eclipse lands here, disruptions occur, and you'll soon know about any secrets hiding in the woodwork that will have to be addressed, ranging from physical repairs to healing of the heart and people who are coming and going. Temporary residents often show up.

Fifth House
Here's your chance to bond with dear ones when an eclipse lands here. The natural ruler of this house is the Sun, bursting with creative energy, passion, and affection that is ready to embrace children, romantic partners, and your love of entertainment and fun. Individuals grow closer to parents, children, students, and people they coach. An eclipse may bring out your entrepreneurial side.

A lunar eclipse shows you what makes your children tick and how you can achieve nirvana in perfecting these relationships so that no alienation exists. Learn to listen rather than judge. An eclipse here can lead you to the trip of a lifetime like your bucket list cruise, an amazing yet unexpected career, or the love of your life.

Sixth House
A number of events may occur when a solar eclipse connects to this house and makes you aware of responsibilities to yourself and others. Illness makes you aware of the state of your health or the health of others around you, prompting you to seek medical advice and correct the physical problems. The health of your work environment may be plucking your nerves when you notice the lack of organization and the impact it has on delivering the finished product.

If a lunar eclipse shows up, it can get emotional if your mental state feels the strain of unsuitable work relationships and chaotic conditions. Cohesiveness and a sense of belonging are your preferences as you seek compatible workmates. Orderliness motivates performance and accelerates the rate of accomplishment. You cherish a secure relationship with your boss.

Seventh House
This year two eclipses fall in the natural seventh house. A Libra lunar eclipse occurs on March 25, highlighting personal or professional relationships. Everything you love about intimate partnerships surrounds you when this eclipse appears. Happiness with partners blossoms, giving you a sense of fulfillment. You could meet someone new, get engaged, or tie the knot. Knock your socks off with joy. Business partnerships could be in the works. Sit down at the table with these important cooperators and work out an agreeable deal.

A solar eclipse in Libra occurs here on October 2. Quite the opposite occurs when you're trying to hold on to emotionally empty relationships. If you are experiencing aching disappointment, it's time to explore the reasons. Remember the adage „happy wife, happy life,“ and get to work on restoring unity. It's not unusual for partners to drift out of your life, and divorce can be the outcome. Business associations could start falling apart over differences in goals, daily operations, and staff employment. Heed warning signs and consider interventions using a neutral management consultant.

Eighth House
This complex house covers all facets of joint financial holdings: savings, debts, mortgages, and retirement funds as well as how you use your mutual income to fund the goals you agreed on as partners. An eclipse here can announce a big raise or inheritance for you or your partner. The house represents intimacy too, and an eclipse might reawaken the sexy spark between you and draw you closer depending on what is going on in the relationship.

When the eclipse is lunar, one emphasis may be on your money and how you will protect it via wills and legal documents related to disposition of goods. It can also be a wake-up call when the assets arrive to make sure your plans for the future are in pristine working order. Your motivation to succeed intensifies, and you might consider new employment or education that qualifies you for a higher salary. The Full Moon aspect draws you closer to your psychic insight and the spiritual realm. Individuals may find themselves soul traveling between the worlds when their deep intuitive vibe is receptive.

Ninth House
When a solar eclipse contacts this house, your higher mind awakens, and you seek answers to explain practices, codes, theories, ethical and moral standards, and political positions. Individuals often experience a change in outlook or a religious conversion, enroll in a university, study languages, travel, and spend time with people from other countries to experience new cultures. You might become an activist and separate philosophically and spatially from your family in your search for the truth. Writers develop material and often publish books, articles, or journals.

If the lunar eclipse occurs here, you may be more restless than usual. Travel holds considerable appeal. You could go on the honeymoon of a lifetime or fulfill a bucket list wish, like a multicountry cruise or tour. Eclipses here stretch your intellect, and you crave learning experiences. You may enroll in online seminars or attend classes on topics that interest you. Check good chart dates for travel plans to avoid getting stranded in undesirable locations.

Tenth House
When eclipses drop by this house, you'll be concerned with career matters, ambition, and your status in the world. Opportunities crop up and offers come in to improve your profile in the work organization. Expect promotions, awards, bonuses, or transfers. Bosses praise your performance and could offer you a leadership position. Show your stuff if you supervise others by building a talented team, making sure all members get the recognition they deserve. Your family could be in high focus now as well, especially if you are dealing with parents‘ health and family matters.

If a lunar eclipse arrives in your tenth house, you are probably in the midst of evaluating how much your work is providing you with emotional satisfaction. „Is this the right job for me?“ could be the refrain going through your mind if it has been lacking, and you could be looking for a new job. If you have gone as far as you can in the current organization, the eclipse hit may be the source of your search for new employment. Instead of dwelling on what isn't working, focus on your accomplishments and how they may strengthen your resume for future employment. Sometimes the lunar eclipse leads to layoffs, transfers, or getting you fired. Take heart. A better option is behind the next door.

Eleventh House
A solar eclipse in this gregarious house aligns you with group interests and how your humanitarian attitude helps you interact with associates, friendships, goals, and members of professional organizations. These groups participate in endeavors that look for the betterment of conditions that improve the stability of the world population. You'll be genuinely concerned about how humanity survives challenges, overcomes poverty, rebuilds structures damaged by storms, and receives much-needed health care coverage where it has been lacking. You'll tap your best networks to find work that meets goals to lift the human spirit, such as with charities, medical facilities, and training institutions. Politics is another field that draws you to seek new employment.

When a lunar eclipse occurs in the eleventh house, you may be doing an about-face regarding your attitude to support humanitarian causes, which you may have previously thought were too boring. Suddenly, an aha moment captures your curiosity, and you start researching current local or global dilemmas, feeling the pull deep inside to join forces with those who are busy creating awareness that gives these circumstances attention. Your altruistic nature finds a home in a rewarding passion that motivates you to expand your worldview and brings you the emotional satisfaction you desire.

Twelfth House
The psychological and spiritual sides of your life get a wake-up call when a solar eclipse visits your twelfth house. You may feel in the pit of your stomach that something is giving you an uneasy, queasy feeling—one that you ordinarily just blow off. Not this time, though, because your subconscious mind is turning out visions of what is off-kilter and needs attention to bring your spiritual core into balance. One aspect could be that you need more sleep, and quality rest is one of this eclipse's gifts. If you seem confused more than usual, you have work to do. Start with identifying phobias that keep you from performing your best work while you hide in the shadows taking too many days off from work. Identify the fears that drive you to a standstill instead of confronting what is in the way of success and a positive mindset. Keeping too many secrets may cause them to come out unexpectedly. Seek help from qualified advisors and bare your soul.

This year a lunar eclipse in Pisces occurs in this house, awakening your subconscious mind and your psychic senses, while deeply stirring the spiritual instincts that drive your soul. At the same time you are craving emotional support, this powerful eclipse is awakening your creative mind and generating ideas that help you turn out beautiful, original work. Your mind becomes more receptive to assimilating better health care practices and showing compassion for those who are suffering. That body-mind connection leads to improvements in relationships with children, entrepreneurs, romantic partners, authority figures, and teachers. By staying in an unsatisfactory personal relationship, you will either seek a way to improve it or leave it altogether, especially in a year like this one where two eclipses may have appeared in the natal seventh house. Under this lunar eclipse, individuals sometimes merge with their psychic powers and embrace mediumship.

Excerpted from Llewellyn's 2024 Moon Sign Book.

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