11 Magical Ways That Angels Send You Guidance

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Angelic Communication

Angels are constantly trying to get your attention. In my book, Angel Insights, I teach you about the guardian angels (yes, that's plural) who were assigned to you before your birth; powerful archangels who might step in if they see you need their potent healing, protection, or wisdom (don't be intimidated to call on them—archangels always have time for you); and helper angels (my go-to for divine assistance), freelance angels who, just like humans, specialize in every field imaginable—emotional healing, diplomacy, even marketing. Any of these angels could be sending you guidance designed to help you live at your full potential. In Angel Insights, we learn how to bond with angels, how to invite them to play a larger role in our lives, and how to communicate with them. The first step to successful angelic communication is familiarizing yourself with the 11 most common ways that angels send humans guidance. The angels have told me they send us „far more signs“ than we think, and I want you to pick up on them all!

  1. Opportunities: Angels love to send you guidance in the form of opportunities. When I first started giving intuitive readings, which I call Angel Readings, I approached by several people who didn't want to pay for a reading but had something to barter, or people who wanted me to speak at their event not for money but just for „exposure.“ These folks were all well-meaning and offered what they were able, but I was discouraged. Then I quickly realized that these opportunities were sent by my angels: I had asked my angels for help finding clients, and suddenly opportunities had appeared, although not quite how I'd anticipated (paying clients). Yet sure enough, for every reading I bartered, that person would tell their friends and family about my reading and how I helped them heal, uncover a block, shift a pattern, connect with their angels, make sense of their past, or navigate their future—and suddenly I would have several new, paying clients! And when I spoke at events for free, after my talk I'd be met by a line of people waiting to book a paid reading with me. You've probably encountered something similar; maybe you were looking to hire an employee, and someone answered your ad who wasn't quite what you had in mind. They may not have had as much experience as you'd expected, or maybe their schedule wasn't as free as you would've preferred. Yet in other ways hiring that person made good sense: they were one of the only people who answered your ad, and they were enthusiastic. After you hired them and saw their work, you might have quickly decided they were a perfect fit. No doubt they were sent by the angels. If you're hoping or praying for something, and then a person or opportunity suddenly enters your life, don't discount this opportunity just because the package isn't exactly what you pictured. Stop and ask yourself, „Could this opportunity have been sent by an angel?“ See what your says!
  2. Clairsentience: I mention clairsentience (one of the famous „four clairs“) first because after doing one-on-one intuitive readings with so many people I believe it is the most common of the psychic gifts. Do you walk into a room and suddenly feel the collective excitement, stress, joy, or fear? Can you tell that someone is down or scared or nervous without them saying anything, or giving you any outward indication of what they're going through? Are you easily overwhelmed by the emotions of others, almost as if you feel another person's emotions like their emotions were your own? If you answered yes to these questions you are probably very sensitive to energy and feel things easily and deeply. You might call upon an archangel for help and sense a sudden energetic shift in the room, letting you know the archangel has arrived. Angels might send you guidance through gut instincts. You get a sudden sense that a you are about to go on a first date with can't be trusted. The angels can also use actual physical cues to send you information. A friend might offer you advice and the hairs on your arms stand on end, or you get chills, letting you know this advice is right on the money. You may even feel the energetic embrace of your angels during a challenging time, like a hug or perhaps a squeeze of your hand, letting you know your angels are especially close by now.
  3. Music: Angels love to play DJ. Is there a song you find comforting to listen to when going through a major transition? If you start hearing that song out of the blue in stores or on the radio, it could be an angel letting you know that another big transition is on the horizon. Sometimes the lyrics or title of the song is the message. One afternoon I was about to give an Angel Reading to a client who was upset about a ghost, or „lost soul“ as I call them, in her house. Right before the reading I turned on my internet radio to find some soothing background music, and „Girls Just Want to Have Fun“ came blaring out. I knew it was a message from the angels to have fun with this reading, to lighten the mood. The ghost meant this family, made up of mostly women or „girls,“ no harm. During the reading my client admitted that lately there had been a lack of fun in her house and her attitude. (Don't worry: The angels did immediately calm the activity and energy in this home after we called them in during the reading, and soon angels moved the lost soul along to heaven.)
  4. Clairvoyance: Clairvoyant images are like a picture or movie playing in the mind's eye. You might be running late, racing around your house trying to find your favorite lipstick, and suddenly get an image in your mind of your car glove box. It's the angels letting you know where you left that lipstick! Often angels will send us clairvoyant guidance that arrives as a slightly complex metaphor. You are interviewing a new business partner and you get an image of her with her ear to the ground. The angels want you to know she is in the loop on trends and what's coming next in your industry. Some clairvoyant images might appear outside of your mind like a projection or vision. Recently my husband and I were fondly reminiscing about a family friend who had just passed, and I suddenly saw that same man appear faintly behind my husband and put his hand on my husband's shoulder (just like this man always did in life whenever he was talking to someone). This clairvoyant image let my husband and I know our departed loved one was there and listening.
  5. Synchronicities: Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist and philosopher, defined synchronicity as a „meaningful coincidence.“ Have you ever kept running into the same person, even a stranger, over and over again? The angels have probably timed these meetings because this person, or simply their presence, contains a message for you. Maybe this is someone you are meant to meet, or spend more time with. Or perhaps this neighbor or fellow commuter is someone you see whenever you aren't taking good care of yourself, or are about to receive exciting news. Maybe people in your life—friends, colleagues, family members—keep independently recommending the same book or movie. The angels are probably trying to lead you to this piece of art because it holds an important message for you. Angels figure if they put this book or movie in front of you enough times, you'll finally get the hint. When something or someone appears continually in your life, angels are sending them your way for a reason, like a clue on a treasure map.
  6. Clairaudience: When angels send you guidance you can hear, like a voice in your ear or a voice in your head that is not your own, it's called clairaudience. Perhaps you are looking at a piece of property with a Realtor and you hear the thought, „This is the one.“ The angels think you've found your dream house! Or maybe you are reading a book about subconscious financial blocks, and when you ask your angels what your biggest subconscious money block is, you hear this in your mind: „You're afraid to make more money than your mother.“ When angels give you guidance you can hear, it is usually short and sweet, right to the point, yet dense with information or significance. Think of how Yoda spoke to Luke Skywalker. You'll know an angel or spirit guide or ascended master is giving you clairaudient messages because it will be a voice that is not the same as the voice in your head that expresses your own thoughts and fears. These divine voices will never be fearful, menacing, or tell you to harm yourself or others, like voices that people suffering from mental illness or severe hormone/vitamin and mineral imbalances report hearing. In time you'll be able to recognize which angel or spirit is sending you the message.
  7. Angel Oracle Cards: Fun, Fun, Fun! Did I mention these cards are fun? Inspired by and sometimes based on the system, even when angel oracle cards signal challenges or obstacles ahead, the cards are gentle and loving. And so accurate! I rely mainly on my „four clairs“ (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance) to get intuitive information during an Angel Reading with a client, but I often use angel oracle cards for a few minutes toward the end of a reading. The cards have words printed on them but pay equal attention to the images on the cards, which also contain meaning. Just buy a deck that you feel drawn to, shuffle, and pick some cards. Angels will guide you to the cards you most need to see at that moment.
  8. Claircognizance: Do you ever just know something, but there's no logical explanation for why you know it? A favorite intuitive of mine named Robert Ohotto calls this method of guidance „getting a download from heaven.“ Maybe you are watching a movie and one of the characters is breaking up with his romantic partner. The character loves his partner deeply but feels strongly that this relationship can go nowhere. In a flash the angels send you the information that this was also the case with your last breakup. Your partner genuinely cared for you, and even though it was hard for your partner to end things, your partner thought it was better that you two go your separate ways. Maybe you're looking at possible vacation destinations with a friend—beaches, mountains, major cities—and out of nowhere you just know you should go to Scotland. It wasn't even on your list but you're sure. Then when you arrive you meet your soul mate in Scotland, or realize you had a past life there. Claircognizance really does feel like a download from heaven, as you can suddenly understand a complex , formula, or relationship, and have brilliant insight into these matters, in the space of a few seconds. That's because an angel or other divine entity simply transferred a large chunk of information to your brain's hard drive.
  9. Dreams: Ask yourself the following questions to discern whether a dream was just something random or an important message from an angel, your higher self, etc. Do you have a strong, clear memory of the dream, even if you usually have no memories of your dreams or only foggy memories? Did the dream seem to end right before you woke up? Did the dream feel more real, or vivid to you, than your normal dreams? Does the dream feel significant to you, like there was a message in it you needed to hear? Did the dream give you practical information that your conscious mind was not aware of, like the specific name of a supplement, company, or person you have never heard of before? Did someone from the other side, like a loved one who passed, visit you in the dream? Did an angel visit you in your dream? Was there information about a specific future event in your dream? Answering yes to any of these questions might indicate that an angel was communicating with you while you slept.
  10. Family and Friends: Angels speak to us through our loved ones, because it's often the most direct way to reach us. It's common for your angels to put an idea into the mind of one of your friends, knowing they will share the idea with you. Ever had a friend or family member tell you exactly what you needed to hear to feel comforted, courageous, hopeful, loved, or safe? Ever had a friend or family member give you the perfect advice? Say something that felt so right or insightful that it gave you chills? An angel probably urged them to make this communication. Of course sometimes friends and family can say exactly the wrong thing! Or they might give us well-meaning advice that just doesn't ring true. But when a friend or family member says something that resonates deeply with you just when you need to hear it most—pay close attention. This might really be a message from your angels!
  11. Numbers: Finding significance in numbers and number sequences is an idea that dates back to ancient times. The angels do have a favorite number sequence: 444. Much like when Victorian ladies would visit a friend's house and leave their card with the butler if their acquaintance wasn't home as a sign that they had called, so do angels use the number 444 as a calling card to let you know they are nearby. Catching sight of a clock at 4:44, seeing a bill for $4.44, or being given an address or phone number that includes 444 are all ways the angels remind you of their presence. Other number sequences like 111, 333, and 555 each contain special significance. Lately I've been seeing 222 everywhere. The angels‘ message? Keep working hard toward your dreams, and soon you will see them manifest—don't give up on the brink of a miracle! Angels are also very aware of numbers that are significant just to you, and will send you those numbers as messages. If every apartment or home you've ever lived in contains the numbers 5 and 2 in its address, and a property manager shows you apartment #502, the angels are probably letting you know this is your next home. If your favorite or lucky number is 21, and you're going on a job interview and discover that the company is on the 21st floor, it could be a sign from your angels that accepting this job is a great career move. Or maybe just as a thought crosses your mind about how you should view a situation in your life, you happen to glance at the number 21 on a calendar or a street sign. The angels are telling you that your insights are right on!

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