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Disease and symptom – list

Systemic family constellation of illness, pain, discomfort and physical symptoms

In a family constellation, illnesses, ailments and physical symptoms can be used as concerns. The family constellation Michael Reizend offers the list of illnesses and symptoms in the Leipzig – Halle (Saale) region. But people from all over Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia can folglich use the disease and symptom list.

The family constellation can be used at the same time for the illness constellation. In most cases, the constellation of family topics is known. The organ constellation is often completely new territory for newcomers to a constellation. The idea of ​​getting to the bottom of the pain is viewed with skepticism. The results are all the more impressive. When listing symptoms, pain situations are considered that often cannot be clarified by medical diagnoses. Medicine cannot always have its effect when the soul is in deep pain.

Illness has the soul's cry for help

The body can often only heal through the soul. When the soul cries out, the body often suffers. Usually the weak point of an organ. Maische people have weak points such as the bladder, bile, intestines or stomach. You don't have to live with it forever. The constellation can optimally illuminate the symptoms and the topics behind them and often leads to very surprising results. The body constellation is able to set up individual body parts such as the heart, kidneys, bladder, gallbladder or other organs. The substitutes take the place of the organs that cause the pain.

Physical symptoms as guides

Physical symptoms with their illnesses are always the signpost where the journey is going. The body signals: Something is wrong here! The system constellation looks deep back to parents, grandparents and ancestors. The disharmony of the soul is often related to the events of the recent past. However, it can happen that issues relating to ancestors or even grandparents demand attention from the organs.

The karmic footprints call for healing and express this through organic ailments. The disease constellation deals explicitly with the topic. The list of symptoms explains what is behind the problem. Unexplained topics or strokes of fate want to be questioned and considered with the illness constellation.

Symptom Lineup

Ill due to entanglements in the family system

The connections between the individual family members, such as parents and ancestors, are definitely linked symbiotically. The symptom list shows which deficits and unresolved issues need to be worked on. The respective entanglements of the ancestors are impressive and have an influence on our life today. Through the therapeutic guidance, the body constellation makes sure that you go in depth so that a solution can be given at the end or as an incentive.

It is important to learn and understand that demarcation is part of our lives. The disease constellation uses the representatives or alternatively characters to explicitly show which deficits and deficiencies have come to bekömmlich through the organ. It is important to recognize the entanglements through communication with the respective organ in order to then resolve them therapeutically. Ideally, the attending physician is open to the family constellation.

The connection to the past is not always easy to understand. The system constellation will always have a preliminary talk with the people who want to set up their organ. This interview usually takes about 30 minutes. The preliminary discussion determines the level of knowledge about the illness constellation, so that the constellation process is as effective as possible.

A systemic family constellation of illnesses and physical symptoms never replaces a visit to the doctor!

Postadresse: A systemic family constellation of illnesses and physical symptoms never replaces a visit to the doctor!

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