Rainbow Crystal Healing

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Crystals in the Colors of the Rainbow

In my latest book for Llewellyn, The Hedgewitch's Little Book of Crystal Spells, I discuss all different types of crystals and their uses. For those who have followed my work, you will know that I love rainbows, and, combining my love of both crystals and rainbows we create a powerful potent resource for healing.

Rainbows are not only beautiful to see but also incredibly healing. The rainbow, with its seven colours of energy, can flow into us and heal those areas of our bodies that need extra power. Each one of those colours represent parts of the body and their associated illnesses, and when combined with a specific corresponding crystal, the healing power of the rainbow is increased.

The seven colours of the rainbow each resonates specific healing abilities. For example, the colors on the warm end of the spectrum (such as red, orange, and yellow) have a toning and vitalizing effect while the cool colours (blue, indigo, and violet) have a calming and tranquilizing effect. The central colour of the rainbow, green, performs a neutral, balancing function.

Colour healing is a powerful and beautiful force that we can all harness. The rainbow manifests an energy that we can embrace and utilize with great benefit to our overall health. The energies given off by the different colours of a rainbow are known as colour rays and, just like sun and moon rays, they can be used very effectively to make us feel healthy, happy, and well balanced. Though powerful, the appearance of rainbows can be difficult to predict. Fortunately, the earth has given us several crystals that yield the power of the rainbow, and these can be used in place of healing when rainbows do not appear. Here are the seven colours of the rainbow and their powers, along with the goddesses who rule the colour and their powers, which we can harness. As under the rainbow, uniting these rainbow colours and their associated crystals allows healing and spirituality to oin forces in a holistic way to heal mind, body, and soul.

1. Color: Red
The first colour of the rainbow and one of the most powerful we see is red; the colour red has the longest wavelength and the fastest rate of vibration. Red rays give us strength, courage, and a positive outlook. They help to heal physical areas including bones and the skeletal structure as well as the sexual organs. They also help to increase energy to the extent of stimulating physical and mental energy.

Red's Associated Goddess: Athena
The Goddess Athena governs the red power of the rainbow and is a goddess not only of war and strength but is also regarded as the goddess of wisdom (as such, she is often depicted with an owl on her shoulder). If you are feeling lacking in energy and stamina, then call upon the goddess Athena for help and strength.

Red's Associated Crystal: Rainbow Bismuth
A great stone of many different iridescent colours, Rainbow Bismuth is a metal but is used by many crystal practitioners for aiding in healing with those suffering with ME and fatigue. It is a stone of power and conducts energy into those who need it.

Harness the Power of Red: Rainbow Bismuth Meditation
If you are lacking in energy, then try this rainbow meditation. Hold your bismuth in your hand (if you do not have a bismuth, then look at a picture of one and study the colours and contours of it). Then,close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and begin to recount the colours of the bismuth and the rainbow. Start from violet and work your way down through the rainbow. Visualise the colours working through your body, until you get to red. See the power of the pulsating red rays penetrating deep within your core, energising you from within. See nothing but red as it heals your physical and mental wellbeing. This meditation technique can be used for any conditions using the specific colour of the rainbow by focusing on that specific colour that represents the ailment.

2. Color: Orange
Orange rays are powerful for true expression, creation, and sharing pleasures. The orange rays help us to shake off inhibitions and past influences and to relieve depression and fear. Its healing rays can help with all conditions concerning the kidneys, bladder, immune system, intestines, food allergies, and arthritis. Orange rays can help also with all food-related addictions, especially if you are experiencing food cravings associated with menopause or unexplainable hunger pangs.

Orange's Associated Goddess: Hestia
The lovely goddess Hestia is responsible for hearth and home, and that includes cooking and all forms of nourishment. She is responsible for a healthy body through food that is cooked on the hearth. So, stock up on healthy fruits and vegetables and ask the goddess to bless your food with extra power.

Orange's Associated Crystal: Rainbow Opal
This crystal is truly beautiful with a rainbow effect that sparkles within, and it is worth seeking out, for it is a stone of wishes. It is also a wonderful stone for connection with Spirit as it is an uplifting, healing stone. It is also a stone that can help with metabolism and especially with eating and can help increase appetite but also balance out hunger pangs.

Harness the Power of Orange: Rainbow Opal Cooking Oil
Place your rainbow opal in a bottle of olive oil for three hours, then remove and wash the stone and leave to one side to dry naturally. Label and date the bottle, Rainbow Opal Olive Oil, and use in all your cooking (especially if you are on a special diet or want to lose weight). The crystal power within the oil will help harness the energies of the food and will balance metabolism. Very Important: Only use olive oil to create crystal oil with. Never use sunflower or rapeseed oil, as these diminish the crystal and its power.

. Color: Yellow
The happy yellow rays stimulate our intellectual abilities and logical thought. When it comes to physical healing, these bright rays penetrate to our lymphatic system, helping with metabolism and blood sugar levels. They can also ease problems with the liver, gallbladder, spleen, eczema, and skin problems.

Yellow's Associated Goddess: Eostre
Eostre is the pagan goddess of the spring and is recognised at the festival of Ostara, which is named after her. She is the ultimate goddess of spring and represents the detoxifying qualities of this time of year. She washes us anew and cleanses our lymphatic systems and aids in healing the liver and spleen by flushing out toxins through the healthy spring herbs she brings.

Yellow's Associated Crystal: Rainbow Obsidian
Rainbow obsidian is an incredibly powerful stone. Its energy can become too intense, and for this reason it is best kept from view when not in use. Though it is a beautiful stone of deep black, when held against the light a striking iridescent rainbow is revealed. Like all obsidians, they are perfect as a divinatory tool (our first mirrors were actually made of obsidian). Using a highly polished rainbow obsidian you could ask what the coming months may bring. It is also an ideal stone to help with detoxification and cleansing of all negative energies that have built up. Try drinking obsidian salt water to aid in flushing out toxins.

Harness the Power of Yellow: Rainbow Obsidian Salt
Place your rainbow obsidian in a small bowl of salt (only use pure salts such as sea salt or Himalayan pink salt) and leave overnight. Then take out and wash under running water and leave to dry naturally. Place the salt in airtight jar and label; this salt can now be used for all manners of healing. Use in cooking, foot soaks, bathing, as a mouth/throat rinse, or by adding three pinches to your water bottle to keep electrolytes up if exercising and to aid in general health.

4. Color: Green
Green is the colour of abundance and growth and in healing its powerful rays can rebalance our minds and bodies. Green rays can aid in the health of our heart and lungs, and helps with our blood powering up cells to fight infections such as colds and flu. Green is also a good balancer when it comes to managing high blood pressure.

Green's Associated Goddess: Ceres
This lovely ancient Roman goddess is responsible for all food, plants, agriculture, and fertility. She oversees healthy relationships within the family unit and cares for all. We get the word „cereal“ from her, so when you're having a healthy cereal for breakfast sprinkle some rainbow quartz sugar over it and give thanks to the goddess her blessings of the harvest.

Green's Associated Crystal: Rainbow Quartz
The Rainbow Quartz is a double gem, for it has the combined benefits of clear quartz plus the enchanting properties of the rainbow. As a result, this amplifies its known qualities, including enhancing confidence and courage. This stone is ideal for those suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder or menstrual difficulties.

Harness the Power of Green: Rainbow Quartz Sugar
Place a rainbow quartz into an airtight jar of sugar and imagine the green rays of the rainbow flowing through to the sugar from the rainbow quartz. You can leave the quartz in the sugar permanently, or remove after three days and wash as per usual. This sugar is now charged with green ray energy and the power of the rainbow and can be used in all manners of cooking.

5. Color: Blue
The blue ray is one of loyalty, faith, and trust. Blue is calming and encourages intuitive understanding. The blue ray of healing is the ultimate colour for health conditions, especially those concerning the mind. Working with blue rays is ideal for depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

Blue's Associated Goddess: Isis
This powerful ancient Egyptian goddess has been revered and honoured throughout time and continues to be today. She is the goddess of the Nile and is often called upon to help and heal all manner of health conditions including those with childbirth and all areas of motherhood and female illnesses. She is ideal to call upon if suffering with anxiety and insomnia and can balance the hormonal changes these bring out.

Blue's Associated Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone is often regarded as the original mood stone, as it changes in tone, either becoming brighter or duller in certain conditions and with different people. It is a perfect stone to entice the fae, so keep a piece in the spring garden. The rainbow flashes of this stone catch the eye and enhance wonder and magic. It is good placed around your spring herbs to increase their healing energies. It is also powerful in combatting all manners of hormonal imbalances, such as those concerned with fertility (both male and female), menstrual cycles, or the pituitary or thyroid gland.

Harness the Power of Blue: Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Elixir
If you are having problems with your hormones or have any imbalance, try drinking this crystal elixir made with rainbow moonstone. In a bottle of still mineral water, place a rainbow moonstone in and leave overnight in the fridge. In the morning take out the moonstone and leave to dry naturally. This is now crystal elixir. Slowly drink it throughout the day, and as you do imagine the rays of the rainbow flowing through the water in complete balance and symmetry.

6. Color: Indigo
Indigo is the colour of revelations, inspiration, and writing or meditation. Knowledge and wisdom are accessible and heightened when we tune into the indigo rays of the rainbow. They can also aid in healing conditions with the thyroid, throat, or teeth, and can also help ease childhood rashes and fevers.

Indigo's Associated Goddess: Venus
The most common goddess of love, her Greek counterpart is Aphrodite. These goddesses of love are not only concerned with matters of the heart but also with the physical aspects of communication such as the mouth, throat, tongue, and teeth. If you are having problems voicing your opinions, also these are the goddesses upon whom to call.

Indigo's Associated Crystal: Rainbow Pyrite
Rainbow pyrite shimmers with all rainbow colours, including golds, greens, pinks, and blues. You could keep a piece of it in your garden, especially if entertaining outdoors, as this stone is excellent at imparting people with confidence (especially among guests who may not know everyone at your gatherings). Rainbow pyrite is also a good ghost hunter's stone, as it keeps negative forces at bay. It is also good for physical conditions concerning genetic disorders and autoimmune diseases. Warning: Do not use this stone in any form of elixir, as it is highly toxic. Therefore, do not ingest at all.

Harness the Power of Indigo:
Use as rainbow pyrite as meditation stone (as you would the rainbow bismuth) and concentrate on the indigo colour ray healing your throat or giving you a voice to sound your opinions.

7. Color: Violet
The rays of violet beam right into our unconscious and penetrate our spirituality. The violet rays can also aid in easing migraines and headaches that may occur if you are being spiritually awakened. On a physical level, the violet rays can also ease childbirth and sinus problems.

Violet's Associated Goddess: Iris
Iris is the goddess of the rainbow herself, as well as being the goddess of water and new beginnings. Her name means, „rainbow“ and it is this name that is also given to the flower (as irises comes in an array of colours from the rainbow). Physically, the goddess rules the unconscious mind where we can receive messages from the universe. Those intuitions or that gut reaction is a direct message from Iris, and we should all listen to our first instincts.

Violet's Associated Crystal: Rainbow Fluorite
This wonderous stone penetrates deep with in our cells and can help boost our immune systems. Its also said to release toxins and blocked childhood trauma or unresolved bereavement. It can also help those who suffer from everyday anxiety.

Harness the Power of Violet: Rainbow Rain Healing Bath
Create rainbow water elixir by catching the rain in a container from a rainbow (which is easier said than done). During the spring months be ready with a plastic or glass bowl to place outside when a rainbow appears. Catch as much of the rainbow rain as you can; don't worry if it isn't a lot, as a few drops are all you need. Run yourself a bath or create a foot soak and pour the rainbow rain in, and pop a piece of rainbow fluorite in the water with you. You could also add a tablespoon of the rainbow obsidian salt and then soak your feet or relax in your rainbow bath. Give thanks to the goddess Iris. As you do, imagine your bath water flowing with all the healing colours of the rainbow. Feel their penetrating rays flow into you and through you healing your mind, body, and soul.

Interesting Rainbow Facts:

  • Scientists have discovered there are twelve different types of rainbows. A team led by Jean Ricard of the National Centre for Meteorological Research in Toulouse, France has identified twelve rainbow „flavours,“ each with its own subtle difference. There is, of course, the classic rainbow with the red band on top and the blue-violet band on the bottom.
  • In some cultures, if you see a double rainbow, it is a sign of good luck and fortune. It is a sign of transformation and is a sign of good fortune in eastern cultures. The first arc represents the material world whilst the second signifies the spiritual realm.
  • In many cultures the rainbow is viewed as a bridge to another world. In ancient Japan, they were believed to be bridges those human ancestors used to depart this world, while in Navajo traditions the rainbow is the path of the holy spirits. The most famous idea of the rainbow bridge is that of the Bifrost found in the Norse Sagas of the Norse Gods and Goddesses. The Bifrost is used to travel the worlds from Asgard to Midgard or Earth by Thor, the Lord God of Earth.

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